Troop 235 Forms:

Troop 235 Activity Permission Slip: Click here

Troop 235 Personal Information Release: Click here

Troop 235 Meeting Planner: Click here

BSA Weekend Camping Packing List: Click Here

Cold Weather Camping Check List: Click Here

BSA Age Appropriate Guide:  Click Here

BSA Activity to Age Safety Chart: Click Here

Merit Badge Counselor Application: Click here

     NOTE: If you have not been a previous MB Counselor, then you need to submit an updated BSA Adult Application.

SuperNova Award Mentor Application: Click Here

NOTE: A Nova counselor can be any registered adult age 21 or older. They must be registered under the new non-unit position and no fee is required. The Nova counselor code is 58.  Supernova mentors must be 21 or older and be subject matter experts in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) field and be registered under the new Supernova Mentor position code 52. This is a non-unit position and requires no fee. In addition to the BSA Adult Registration form, mentors must complete the Supernova Awards Mentor Information application. 

As of now, no additional form is required for NOVA Counselors.

All Nova counselors and Supernova mentors must have current BSA Youth Protection training and certification appropriate for the programs being administered (Cub and Boy Scout Y01, Venturing Y02).

Scouting Uniforms:

Shopping list is here.

Patch diagram is here.

Scouting Forms from the National Council:

Application forms:

New Youth Application: English and Spanish

New Adult Application: English and Spanish

Adult Application: English and Spanish

New Unit Application: English

T235 Camp Out Planning:

Duty roster: click here

Camp Out Meal Planning: Click here

Troop Meeting Plan: Click here

Troop Essential Documents:

ALL Scouts and Parent Drivers need to complete Part A & B of the BSA Medical form for ANY camp out this year.  There is a link below to BSA's Updated Medical Form [camps, etc over 72 hours]: PDF

Here is a link to the FAQ's

A Good Scout Packing list is here
to refer to for ANY camp out. 
Many of these documents and more are on the documents tab.

Local Tour Permit Application: PDF Version

National Tour Permit Application: PDF Version

Tour plan and activity FAQs.

Informed Consent Agreement: PDF Version

Application for BSA Lifeguard: Click here

50 Miler Award Application: Click here

CyberChip:  This should be updated ANNUALLY if Boy Scouts are using Digital Technology. Info 1 and Info 2.

Longhorn Council Forms and Resources page: Click here

National Council Forms page: Click here

Boy Scout Ten Essentials
Here is a link to a more detailed Ten Essentials Document from Troop 235.
Part of being prepared is having what a scout needs
to survive in the outdoors in most emergency situations.
- pocket knife [usually a multi-tool knife; must have whitilin' chip or totem chip]
- first aid kit
- extra clothing [especially socks]
- rain gear
- water bottle [usually 1 liter]
- flashlight or headlamp
- trail food
- matches / fire starter or striker
- sun protection [hat, lip balm, sunblock, sunglasses]
- map and compass
Recommended [as advised by REI]:
- insect repellant
- whistle
- toilet paper
- paracord or twine
- maybe a small roll of duct tape
- compact eating gear

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